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Networking & Wireless

  • Alcatel Lucent Wireless Access Points
  • Network Switches
  • Media Converters
  • Audio / Video Switching Equipment
  • Surveillance Security Camera Systems
  • Voice over IP Telephones
  • TV Monitor Installation


We offer commercial grade Alcatel Lucent wireless access points that you can depend on. Whether you need wireless in a small office space or massive warehouse, the Alcatel Lucent line up provides coverage from end to end of your premise both indoors and out.

Using multiple AP’s that work together to appear as a single wireless antenna, wireless roaming is readily available for those who need to be mobile while remaining connected to the network. Offering superior signal strength and speeds at a competitive cost.

Clearnet Communications
Clearnet Communications

Network Switches:

Switches are the hub of a business network. Whether 1 or multiple switches, they operate as the central transfer of data from each device to any other device, whether on the local network or out over the internet. Switches are Internet “splitters” and come in a variety of sizes and feature options. For most businesses over about 4 network devices, one or more switches will be needed.

Alcatel Lucent’s enterprise class of network switches are among the highest quality available. We recommend the ALU product line of networking equipment when dependability is paramount or when life safety is at stake.

Many customers’ needs are less demanding and more cost-effective solutions may be a better fit such as Netgear, Linksys, TP Link and others. We recommend all switches be at least 1 Gb speeds per port. Consider Power over Ethernet for devices such as access points and surveillance cameras. If multiple switches are needed then consider models that include SFP ports that provide direct fiber optic connections when available.

Media Converters:

Converting media from one medium to another is sometimes necessary, generally due to physical distance between the source and the receiving device. The most common is converter changes Ethernet (copper patch cord) to fiber optic (fiber optic patch cord). This allows a regular ether net signal to connect at distances only limited by the equipment connecting to the fiber optic cable. The signal is converted back into a regular Ethernet port at the far end through the use of another media converter to change back the signal to its original form.

Another common media is HDMI to Ethernet. While HDMI offers a superior image to our High Definition monitors, it too has distance limitations. HDMI media converters allow an HDMI patch cord to plug into the compact converter, to be extended over Ethernet (such as Cat 6) cable for up to 300 feet, then revert back to the standard HDMI signal that is connected via a second HDMI patch cord and plugging into the monitor or other device as needed.

Other media converters include USB extenders, Audio Extenders, Multimode to Singlemode fiber optic media converters, RS422 – serial data, as well as data rate speed converters.

Clearnet Communications
Clearnet Communications

Audio / Video Switching Equipment:

Video switching equipment is a specialty that has vast possibilities that continue to evolve with modern technology. Video switching takes into account multiple inputs such as Television, Computers, Surveillance Systems and Local Imaging displays.

Switching can be a simple A/B switch or multiple In / Multiple Out chassis that come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Depending on the quantity of sources and displays, resolution & sound delivery systems, an A/V system can be quite elaborate.

We offer simplified background music with the option of voice announce to broadcast a page, or complete and custom A/V systems to match your specific needs.

Surveillance Camera Systems:

Clearnet works with multiple surveillance systems including Hikvision, Elite, Sibell, Lorex, Swan and more. Surveillance systems come in two basic varieties including Coax (traditional) signal and IP cameras, which are newer and have some advantages over the legacy systems.

High definition, day / Night, Infra-red, Pan-Tilt-Zoom and License Plate Reader cameras are among the options available. We can help determine the best match for your needs. We can design, install, maintain and troubleshoot existing surveillance systems as needed.

Clearnet Communications
Clearnet Communications

Voice over IP Telephones:

We proudly offer cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems, as well as a premise-based telephone system that also utilizes IP (Ethernet) ports to connect telephones to the main control unit.

IP phones can patch in directly to your network’s PoE switch ports, making connectivity plug and play for most systems. Data grade cable is needed to run PoE telephones, so be sure your new IP phones will be plugging in to a good cable for best results.

Monthly costs for incoming lines can add up. Depending on the ratio of telephones to outside lines, it can be more cost effective to use a premise-based phone system. If you only have a few phones and need just as many outside lines, then a hosted solution is generally a cos effective way to go.

TV Monitor Installation:

TV Monitors are becoming more and more common place in the work environment. Whether to display current information, produce slide shows or to just show a locally broadcast television channel. Monitors can be difficult to install properly. Getting a solid mount at the right height, level with the floor at just the right angle can be a challenge.

Clearnet’s team of professionals have installed monitors for over 10 years without a single failure. We used positive mounting systems and have the expertise and forethought to get the job done right. Connections are made at the time of installation, so having the right IT personnel on site will make all the difference.


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